The Shih Tzu Collection

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Our goal for this page is that you might see
the sires & dams that created our beautiful collection of toy Shih Tzu puppies for sale.
This is my boy, Beasty, my first male born 1/1/08. He is a black pigment brindle with black mask. He has large teddy bear eyes.  He throws beautiful small puppies. He is my forever young male, very active and always happy. All of our females choose Beasty. He's the MAN! Beasty is now retired here.


Perseus loves to dress up. She is an uptown girl. She does not like her outfits taken off.  As soon as she is bathed and dried she wants to be dressed up again.
Perseus      (Up town girl)         Chessa       Chessa

Mojo is a black pigment red male carrying the liver gene also. Mojo lives up to his name. He's producing many exceptional puppies. His puppies are playful, happy, loyal, outgoing and engaging, with strong bones and beautiful coats. They run, hop, and spring just like Mojo. We love it!
Mojo is the sweetest boy, he's young and easy. He also has a  black mask and points.

Retired breeders
  Baur                     Snow White               Cassia       Ernie     Ernie        Choco     Avala
Beasty         Pearl          FiFi          Miah         Shyloah     Shyloah    Mahjong    Captain       Flower
This is a true color picture. It's taken outside.
Dove is a Shyloah/Tai Sun female.  I think she's the perfect compact size, perfect lap puppy, and the perfect temperament. She is very sappy, loyal, and just a friendly girl. I've had people say Dove has bonded with them and they want her. She just has a way of making everybody feel special, welcome, and loved. She is sturdy built with good substance, short bodied, has the perfect shortness of leg, big honey brown eyes, dark liver pigment nose, chocolate and white coat, and a perfect tail set. She weighs around 9 lb most of the time. Her puppies are friendly, loyal, and sappy.
Bunny is a Shyloah/Ernie female.  Coming from Ernie, she has a great coat. She was born 8/14/16. She had her first litter 1/7/18. She is a very laid back female with an easy disposition. She's friendly and playful. She has a black and white coat and carries all three pigments, black, blue, and liver. She is a small female of 7 lb.  
Oksana is a Mahjong/Captain female born  5/30/13.  She is a beautiful female with a tight face,  beautiful large brown eyes, short body length, legs somewhat tall, white, gold, and gray coat. She is sappy, sweet, friendly, loyal, and a great mother. She's very loyal to our litter training program to the point that she will whine if she needs to go and can't get to the litter pan. She's very loving! 

Beretta (aka Kitty Kitty) is a Miah/Beasty female born on 12/7/14. She was a brown brindled female. Her color has darken to what looks like a "blue tiger". It's a beautiful color.
She has the sweetest face,  big beautiful round "Beasty" eyes, nice nostrils, wide head with eyes set well apart, a lighter coat, legs somewhat taller,  and she's a great mother.
Poppy is a Josie/Ernie female born on 5/5/17. She is a gold and white with black points. She has a tight face with good nostrils, big eyes, good coat and a sweet personality.

Ava is an Avala/Beasty female born on 8/4/14. She is Ginny's pride and joy! She and Mojo is what Ginny is building her breeding stock with. Ava has a short body length, big brown round eyes like her father Beasty, a wide head with eyes set well apart, good nostrils, good red/brown coat with burgandy points and highlights, and what Ginny really loves is the white spilling down her chin and onto her chest. She has the sweetest personality,  and she's a great mother.  
Magic is an Ava/Mojo female born on 10/23/16. She really looks like her father, Mojo. She has a beautiful tight face, wide set eyes, white spilling down her chin and onto her chest, good nostrils, really nice red coat, black and burgandy points and highlights. She has a very sweet and endearing personality. She's quiet, easy loyal, and a wonderful mother!

Rory comes from Sweet n Sassy
Here is just a teenager.
This is Rory as a breeding male. Short bodied, tight face and good coat. We have to be selective in using him. He's not a loyal dog, he's full of energy and he believes himself to be TOP Dog, over all dogs. He's a great playmate for children.
Rory, DOB 01/06/17,  is one of our breeding males, he's all about the task and will get the job done. He has a very nice white and gold coat, tight face, short body length, stands a little on the tall side, and dark brown eyes. We have to be selective in who we breed him to bring out the best in the breed.  We cross him with our most loyal girls, ones with short legs, more laid back and easy dispositions. With that, he gives us beautiful puppies. 
Smokin Hot, DOB 09/05/16, is our shortest bodied, shortest legged, most sappy male. He's as sweet as the day is long. He's easy, laid back, nothing riles him, he's a gentle soul.  He has a smoky colored, very thick coat, white milk chin and white spilling down his throat.  Sometimes he'd rather just be held and loved than to be breeding. 
Mojo, DOB 12/26/15, is a red male with a black mask. He has short legs but it a little longer in the body than we would like. We compensate that by breeding his gorgeous daughters with short bodied Smokin.  Mojo Joe is Ginny's everything! He is very loyal, sappy, obedient, observant, intelligent, plus he's the friendliest, most outgoing, and most accepting. He goes with Ginny to do the horse chores and stays with her like he's on an invisible leash. He will not breed until he's given the ok and if he doesn't like a certain girl he will still breed her because his goal is to please Ginny above all things. He is the most amazing male! We have a lot of Mojo females. They are outstanding in beauty, personality, and  loyalty. 
Esposito, DOB 08/29/15, is blue pigment with a black coat. The incandescent light makes it look brown, but it 's not. He's our smallest male weighing in at 4 lbs.  He has the highest, tightest nose and with good nostrils, large eyes, nice mouth, sweet, sappy, loyal guy. We don't use him very often because he is blue pigment which can cause coat and hair issues if bred to more dilute genes. But most of all he throws TeaCups and not breeding size offspring. 

We've retired several of our breeding stock. They are now at the bottom of this page.  We try to take pictures of breeding females between litters since all pregnant dogs blow their coats and it's not their best time for portraits. This will be an ongoing process as we retire breeders and add new replacements. 

   Taffy is a Blueberry/Mojo daughter. She is cream colored liver pigment with darker points. She has our most amazing coat, so thick and plush. In this picture she is 7 weeks pregnant and has blown her coat, which all dogs do, yet her coat is still gorgeous! She's also an amazing mother. A week after this picture she has three puppies and has adopted three more whose mother has no milk nor cares to be a mother.  Taffy is loving, loyal, gentle, never demanding, calm, and amazing! Blueberry/Mojo beauty!

Mogwai is a Beretta/Mojo female. She was a brown with black mask and points. She creamed out to this beautiful cream color with black mask and points. She is as sweet as any Shih Tzu I've ever met. She loves people and other dogs. She is kind, gentle, easy, and quiet. She's bred to Smokin and is expecting her first litter. With her personality we think she'll be an amazing mother.