The Shih Tzu Collection

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Our goal for this page is that you might see
the sires & dams that created our beautiful collection of toy Shih Tzu puppies for sale.
This is my boy, Beasty, my first male born 1/1/08. He is a black pigment brindle with black mask. He has large teddy bear eyes.  He throws beautiful small puppies. He is my forever young male, very active and always happy. All of our females choose Beasty. He's the MAN!
Ladena's Group
This is FiFi, she weighs 8 lbs when she's nursing. She is a small red & white female. She's beautiful with a sweet & easy disposition. FiFi is a very responsile mother. FiFi is an imperial size. She throws many imperial puppies. FiFi is a Beasty/Pearl daughter.
This is one of my favorite pictures of Miah. She is a light golden cream with brown/black points and rich brown eyes.  Beasty sired this dark rich litter. Miah is from Mary's group. She is a Red Pepper/Lucy daughter.
Choco is not my smallest female. She is smaller than Fi Fi.  She is a beautiful chocolate color with liver pigment and golden eyes like her daddy.  She is a Pearl & Captain daughter. She has a very laid back, easy going, lap dog personality.  She is supper sappy,(loveable)
This is Choco's full coat. 8/11/14
Choco is 'very' sappy and produces sappy puppies. She is chocolate and white, liver pigment. Pearl/captain female,
Kokopelli now 10 months old and 5.5   lb 12/19/14
Kokopelli is mature now. She's a doll, very sweet and sappy. She has a very tight face and honey brown eyes, a chocolate mask on a creamy chocolate coat, and a short body. There's a too much light in this picture. Her color is a little darker.
Shyloah's coat is so thick I have to thin her ears or her hair will stick way out there. She has a gorgeous tail too. Shyloah is also a Pearl/Captain daughter.
Dove is the ideal type of Shih Tzu we're breeding for. Dove is a Shyloah/Tai Sun daughter. She is short bodied, short legged, wide face with eyes set well apart, 'flat' face, chocolate & white dark liver pigment , with a calm and sappy personality.


This beautiful blue Shih Tzu was our first female Shih Tzu.  She was a black puppy. She is a reliable mother.  Many of our breeding stock females come from her.  As of this writing she is the only female we have that produces the deepest, richest chocolates.
Notice in this picture of Pearl & Captain's litter the puppy to your right is the deepest, richest chocolate you can get.  It's almost black.  And next to her is a true black and white puppy.  True, meaning non-fading color.
This is a great picture of Avala when she was a puppy. This is the rose blue coloring.  Notice the white at her chin, common for blue pigments.
Close-up of Avala's tight face.  The lighting is bright here making her coat lighter than it really is.
Ava is a Avala/Beasty daughter. She has a red and white coat with her daddy, Beasty's, teddy bear eyes.
Beretta is a miah/beasty daughter. She has her daddy's teddy bear eyes and brindle coat.
This is a brindled coat.
Ava is an Avala/Beasty female. She is a beautiful dark red with black points. She has a very tight flat face with teddy bear eyes.
Ava closed her eyes when I took the picture. She's clipped close but if you look at her tail that's the color her coat is when it's longer. It's a deep mahogany red. Very unusual. She has a very laid back, easy personality. 4/25/15
Perseus is one of our most beautiful girls. She is short, beautiful, quiet, sweet, just has an all-around great disposition. She has the rare blue pigment.
Perseus loves to dress up. She is an uptown girl. She does not like her outfits taken off.  As soon as she is bathed and dried she wants to be dressed up again.
Flower is due to whelp any day in this photo. She is short bodied and short in stature.
Straight on shoot of Flower
FiFi                   Miah             Choco             Choco               Kokopelli     Kokopelli      Shyloah            Shyloah        Dove
Pearl               Pearl litter       Avala               Avala             Ava                  Beretta            Beretta         Ava                  Ava 
Perseus      (Up town girl)          Flower            Flower
Mic's group
Cassia is one of our shortest females both in height and in body length. She's a perfect lap dog.
Ernie is now 9 months. He has a coat that's to die for. 02/03/16
I trimmed up Ernie's face and Ginny about died. Now he has a short coat again. I'll get a new picture so you can see his beautiful baby doll face and short coat.
I love the way the dark color in his tail looks in this picture.
Ginny & Ernie. Ginny does all our clipping and grooming. This is Ernie's summer cut.
Ernie is an imperial, a perfect lap size dog. He brings us those show coats, thick and dense and gorgeous!
I love this picture of Ernie and Dove playing.
Cassia              Ernie
The Shih Tzu Collection's Tea Cup breeders
Chess is an Avala/Wookty female.
Chessa is outstandingly beautiul. She has large beautiful eyes, broad head, tight flat face, short legs, fabulous coat, and a loving personality. 4/12/14
Chessa        Chessa 
Mindy's female
Ginny's group
 Christopher's group

Esposito is on the left and KaChing from Lil Cutie Shih Tzus is on the right.
This is Esposito at 2 months. Weight 15 oz.
Esposito weighed 3.5 1/2 lb the day he turned 8 months. He's light as a feather. He eats well just not a lot at a time. He's tiny and has a tiny tummy.
This is a close-up of Esposito's perfect face. 5/19/16
Snow White is a very white white. Hence her name Snow White. She is 3.8 1/2 lb at
 5 months
Snow White at !0 months, weighing in at 4.10 lb
Tulip weighs 2.4 1/2 pounds at 5 months. 02/03/16
Kokopelli/KaChing are the dam and sire to this litter of cuties.   Sire, Ka Ching,  is out of Lil Cutie Shih Tzus 
Kokopelli      Ka Ching      Esposito      Esposito     Esposito      Snow White  Snow White         
This is Ernie with Ginny on the same day. Taken down in our sunken garden.
Ernie is small.
Snow White is a Kokapelli/KaChing female. She is 15 months old and weighs 5 lb an a half an oz
Mojo is a black pigment red male carrying the liver gene also. Mojo lives up to his name. He's producing many exceptional puppies. His puppies are playful, happy, loyal, outgoing and engaging, with strong bones and beautiful coats. They run, hop, and spring just like Mojo. We love it!
Mojo is the sweetest boy, he's young and easy. He also has a  black mask and points.