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It's the GO-TO page for puppy pricing, sizes for Toy, Imperial, and Tea Cups, our guarantee,
 puppy information & needs, Map, and more.

PLEASE NOTE "there is no way to guarantee your puppy's adult weight" At 
they give an estimate for adult weight. That only means that if the puppy continues to grow as he has to this point "then your puppy is tracking towards this estimated adult weight"
​Some puppies stay on track with the estimated weight and some do not.
All prices are pet only prices with a neuter/spay contract. We charge more for breeding rights. 
Puppies are available until a nonrefundable deposit marks them SOLD. The nonrefundable deposit is a good faith deposit that you make showing your commitment to purchase the puppy. In good faith we put a SOLD on the puppy in your name, which takes the puppy off of the available list so no one else can purchase it. If you're not certain this is the puppy for you, please do not put a deposit on the puppy. It's not fair for the puppy or for us that he might miss his opportunity to place because he was marked as sold when someone else wanted him.
We require cash on day of pickup. 
We require $5. per day to hold your puppy beyond one week past it's placement date, which is 8 weeks of age. Holding puppies more than a week past their placement date isn't fair for the puppy or for us. We are neither a boarding service, nor are we set up to be a boarding service.
​My sister boards her little Shih Tzu, Halle, for $12 per week day and $15 per day on weekends when she travels out of the US. 
Available puppies below
Website updated January 17
Notice the red markings on his tongue.
SOLD to Sarah
Teddy is a red male with dark points.  He's such a cutie with his little body, adorable face, friendly personality, and gorgeous coat. He is tracking to be a small male of 6 lb and we're thinking that'll be about what he'll be as an adult, he is small framed. 
He is priced at $900
The next two available litters will turn 6 weeks old on January 17. We will get vet checkups and begin photo shoots after vet checks. We're planning to send out our PUPPIES WANTED EMAIL LIST & post this new litter to the website and Facebook next week.
Mojo/Beretta litter of 5 born on 11/29/18 and ready to place after 1/24/19
 Beretta is the mother of this litter. Her confident, quiet, and gentle nurturing of this litter is reflected in the personality and dispositions of her puppies. Her exceptional mothering and her attentive constant care has set these puppies ahead of most litters in their litter training program.

Mojo is the father of this litter. He brings that loyal and easy disposition to further enhance the personalities and enjoyment of these puppies. We are proud to offer them.
       Be sure to double click the thumb prints to see enlarged photos.
SOLD to Vickie
Flight to NV
Coco Puff is a cute little dark bridled female with a black mask. She is very social, a friendly little greeter. She gets out of her pen and comes down the hall to visit everybody. She is the smallest in the litter, yet solid and sturdy built.
She is tracking to be 6.4 lbs so she’ll be an Imperial of under 9 lb. 
She is priced at $1500
SOLD to Jennifer
Pickup Jan 28 after 11 AM
Hammer is a dark red male with a black mask. He was a ham during our photo shoot. He was really into playing with Ginny. He’s playful and friendly. An easy and fun loving puppy. He is tracking to be 7.6 lb on, Imperial size. We feel he’ll be at the top of the Imperial size to maybe the low end of Toy size.
He is priced at $900
Ratchet is dark red with black points and some white on his chest. He’s a sweet boy with an easy and friendly disposition. He’s the largest in the litter, a very nice plump weight that’s so fun to hold and cuddle. He’s tracking to be 8.7 lb We’re thinking he’ll be between 10 lbs. Well his name didn't look right. . .  and it wasn't so Ratchet is the right spelling😜
He is priced at $900.
Bubbles is creaming out to a light cream with dark points. She has a dark strip down her back and front with a black mask. I’m thinking she’ll be pretty impressive to look at when she’s all done changing colors. She's pretty cute running around with her litter mates who are mostly darker colors. She is tracking to be 6.11 # Imperial size of under 9 #. I've added some pictures of her full sister from last year that was marked just like Bubbles is marked.
She is priced at $1500
SOLD to Gabrielle
Pebbles is beautiful with her swirl of brindled colors, black mask, and white on her chest. Like all of her litter mates she is sweet, friendly, and playful. An easy little cuddly girl. She is the largest of the girls, tracking to be 7.6 # Imperial size. 
She is priced at $1500