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Give me your pickup date and time. I will post it on the website for your convenience. Most of the puppies can be picked up the weekend, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday afternoon, prior to placement date


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phone 712-310-3066

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Prices on unsold puppies are subject to change without notice
It's the GO-TO page for puppy pricing, sizes for Toy, Imperial, and Tea Cups, our guarantee,
 puppy information & needs, Map, and more.

PLEASE NOTE "there is no way to guarantee your puppy's adult weight" At 
they give an estimate for adult weight. That only means that if the puppy continues to grow as he has to this point "then your puppy is tracking towards this estimated adult weight"
​Some puppies stay on track with the estimated weight and some do not.
All prices are pet only prices with a neuter/spay contract. We charge more for breeding rights. 
Puppies are available until a nonrefundable deposit marks them SOLD. The nonrefundable deposit is a good faith deposit that you make showing your commitment to purchase the puppy. In good faith we put a SOLD on the puppy in your name, which takes the puppy off of the available list so no one else can purchase it. If you're not certain this is the puppy for you, please do not put a deposit on the puppy. It's not fair for the puppy or for us that he might miss his opportunity to place because he was marked as sold when someone else wanted him.
We require cash on day of pickup. 
We require $5. per day to hold your puppy beyond one week past it's placement date, which is 8 weeks of age. Holding puppies more than a week past their placement date isn't fair for the puppy or for us. We are neither a boarding service, nor are we set up to be a boarding service.
​My sister boards her little Shih Tzu, Halle, for $12 per week day and $15 per day on weekends when she travels out of the US. 
Available puppies below
Website updated December 10
                                 AVAILABLE TeaCups
Twinkles and Kissy are priced at $3500 each.    Call me for the Christmas discount!!
This is Tuesday. He was born on a Tuesday and the name just seems to fit him. He's a cream colored male with darker points, short legs, and blue/green eyes (Rory, the father, has put that beautiful eye color on a few puppies now). Tuesday has a quiet and easy disposition, not a barker, very loyal, (he always lays his little head on our feet when we're not moving, when we're moving, he follows). he's an amazing little man with an outstanding personality and a gentleness that is so endearing to everyone. He knows no stranger, he loves all the dogs, and loves and greets our customers. His gorgeous coat always looks like it was just freshly cut because it grows so perfectly even and is so thick and plush! Tuesday is like Blossom, they are self entertaining and happy, easy puppies! We are proud to offer such a well balanced little man! He weighs 2.13 lbs at 7 weeks and is tracking to be an adult of 9 lbs. We believe he could be around 11 lbs. (Toy size) CHRISTMAS PRICE $1000
Pickup on 12/08/18
Panda, thus named because of his mask, is a white and black male. He is cute, sweet, a little shy, but that is quickly changing. When we flashed his first picture in our photo shoot he turned and scurried away, confused by the flash of light. He is sweet and friendly. He is small, weighing 1.12 at 7 weeks and tracking to be an adult of 5.10 lb  He will likely remain a TeaCup in the 6 lb range because of his small frame. He is priced at $1200 
Christmas sale price is $1000
through Dec 24th.
Alibi is a red female with a black mask. She is breeder quality. This is the first time we've offered one of our Ava/Mojo's girls for sale as a pet. The Ava/Mojo litters have been our stock builders. This is Ava's fourth litter crossing with Mojo. Ginny's loaded up with Ava/Mojo girls and is offering this little beauty for sale at PET ONLY PRICE, or more for full registration rights. Alibi is dripping with sappy/lovable, hold me, cuddle me, tail wagging personality. She is 1.15 lb tracking to be 6.3 adult. We believe she'll be in the 7 lb range. 
Maple is a tricolored female. She is a hardy, healthy, fun loving, playful, energetic, family type of puppy. She is good size, showing good substance, and strong body. She weighs 3.3 1/2 lb at 8 weeks. She is tracking to be 9.5 as an adult. We feel she could get to 12 lbs. or the Toy size. She is priced at $1200
Christmas sale price is $1100 through 12/24/18
 Kissy is now 14 weeks old, has had her first hair cut,      weighs 1.13 1/2 lbs. Tracking to be 3 lbs and 6 oz. She's tiny but she's a great little eater, she's easy, quiet, calm, never demanding, observant and very very loving. She's always happy to be with people, loves to be dressed up and played with. She is not sassy nor confrontational, she is just submissive and peaceful. She would be content to set on your lap for hours. She is perfect in our litter training program!  We never see messes outside the litter pan. She has had four sets of vaccinations, ready to place, and is looking for her forever home. If interested we can FaceTime her. 
Priced at $3500
Call for Christmas price
SOLD to Vicki   Pickup on 12/17
Twinkles is mostly black with some white on her chin and chest. She's a pistol! She is so quick running across the floor, and she's so tiny she can run under any adult dog in the Pet Room and never touch them. She brings smiles and laughs to everyone that sees her. She's all about people, she wags her little tail so fast it makes me laugh.  I love to watch her climb into someone's lap. She believes everybody to be her friend, and makes everyone feel special by her gift of love. She has large wide set eyes framed with high set ears. She is short legged and short bodied more than any Shih Tzu I've ever seen, like a little box. She's beautiful, adorable, and very loving!!! She weighs 1.11 lbs and tracking to be 3LB and 3 oz  
She is priced at $3500
​Call for Christmas special.
I am planning to post more puppies this week. Most of them will be tracking to be Toy size 10 - 16 pounds as adults.