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Give me your pickup date and time. I will post it on the website for your convenience. Most of the puppies can be picked up the weekend, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday afternoon, prior to placement date


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 puppy information & needs, Map, and more.

PLEASE NOTE "there is no way to guarantee your puppy's adult weight" At 
they give an estimate for adult weight. That only means that if the puppy continues to grow as he has to this point "then your puppy is tracking towards this estimated adult weight"
​Some puppies stay on track with the estimated weight and some do not.
Jingles is a black pigment tricolored male out of Sage and Esposito born on 10/16/17. He's a carefree and happy little fellow. Romping through the group during Puppy Play Time. He weighs 1 lb  9 oz.  On he is estimating to be an adult of 5 lb  9 oz. 
Jingles is priced at $800

Joy is a red liver pigment female with dark eyes. She's out of Sage and Esposito born on 10/16/17  She weighs 1 lb  8 oz. On she is estimating to be 5 lb 5 oz. She's more laid back, easy, and observant. A very sweet and endearing little female. 
She is priced at $1500
Jolly is a gray and white male with blue pigment. He's out of Cherry and Esposito. He has the most desirable thick coat. Ginny does all of our grooming and she said she'd love to clip and sculpt that coat! He's a big boy. He weighs 2 lb 11 1/2 oz. On he's estimating to be 9 lb 9 oz. I'm thinking more like 12 lb.  
He has a great inviting personality and he's a sappy one. He was born with a blue coat but it's changing and we're curious what color it will end of being. 
He is priced at $900 
Joseph is a red with black mask male out of sage and Esposito. He weighs 1 lb 15 oz. On he is estimating to be 6 lb 14 oz. He is the largest puppy in this litter. He's sweet and playful with beautiful round eyes and a fun seeking personality.
He is priced at $800
 to Amber Pickup_____
These two puppies, Butterscotch Cream and Pumpkin, are looking to be Toy size of 10 - 12 lb, are out of Blueberry/Cadbury born on 10/29/17 and ready for placement on 12/24/17 weekend. Both are liver pigment. They both have extremely thick and beautiful coats. They are a Groomer’s dream, very sculptable, so much so that you could sculpt words in their coats. Both puppies are short legged, very sweet and loving personalities. They are adorable, easy puppies. Both are priced at $1200 each for Pet Homes, more if breeding. To purchase them at $1200 we require a neuter/spay contract and proof before their registration applications are released. 
Butterscotch Cream liver pigment male.
Pumpkin liver pigment female
Drummer is a brown male with a black mask estimating to be around 12 lb. He was born on 10/28/17, placement date is 12/23/17 weekend. He's out of Chessa/Mojo. He's a big friendly boy priced at $800
SOLD to Joe pickup ____________
Glitter, during puppy playtime.  She's kind hearted, happy, and loves hanging out with people. Isn't she just the cutest thing? Glitter is Drummer's sister. Placement ready on 12/23/17 weekend. She's brown with a black mask. Glitter is very sweet and friendly. Looking to be around 10+ lb. She is priced at $1200
 Raisin is an active, lively, sweet and very friendly little TeaCup out of Bella and Esposito. She doesn’t miss a thing. She comes running to the gate when I go to her cage. She’s already doing very well in her litter training program even though she can barely climb over the litter pan’s 2 1/2" sides. She’s a small and compact bundle of full joy!  She is sale priced at $1800 through December. If you’re looking for “tiny” she is that!  This is a Christmas Sale only -- You won't see tiny TeaCups priced this low normally. NOT A CHILD'S PUPPY
Bella is a TeaCup. She turned 2 on September 30th. Bella is Raisin’s mother. I’d just rather Bella live her life as a beloved pet. She’s a little thing, a very sweet, loving, unassuming, and kind little girl who really wants to be loved. She’s not demanding and she’s been a great mother and is happy to be a mother. She actually adopted a little boy puppy too and loves both of her babies. She's proud to show off her puppies to us. Bella has beautiful eyes, short legs, stoutly built, with a gold/brown and white coat. 
 Bella is priced at $2500 but her Christmas sale price is $1800 through December. 
SOLD to Elsie
Shyloah is being retired from breeding. She is 5 years old, born on 07/05/2012. She is litter trained and faithful to the program and she can also goes outside to do her duty. She is an easy girl looking for a forever home to retire with. She loves people and is very friendly. She lost the vision in her left eye when she ran into a stick. We've saved the eye but she has no vision in it. It gives her no problem. She is a healthy girl. She will be spayed after she has weaned her puppies on December 27th and ready to place by the end of December. 
She is priced at $300.