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 puppy information & needs, Map, and more.

PLEASE NOTE "there is no way to guarantee your puppy's adult weight" At 
they give an estimate for adult weight. That only means that if the puppy continues to grow as he has to this point "then your puppy is tracking towards this estimated adult weight"
​Some puppies stay on track with the estimated weight and some do not.
Website updated February 22
Hammy is a black pigment with a brown coat and some white on his chin and chest. He weighs 1 pound and 7 ounces and is estimating to be 5 pounds and 2 ounces. We're guessing he'll be aound 7 pounds. 
This little man is Ginny's pick of the litter. He flirts with her all the time so she named him Hammy!         SOLD❣️To Gloria for breeder price. Pickup March 5th

Biscuit is a dark chocolate male.
A perfect Valentine! Notice we have Hammy, Cheesy, Biscuit? I don't know about Cheesy but Hammy and Biscuit fit.  Biscuit weighs 1 pound and 7 ounces, just like Hammy. He's estimating to be 5 pounds and 2 ounces. We're guessing he may be 7 pounds. This one looks most like his mamma, Choco. 
To Gloria for breeder price. Pickup March 5th
Our beautiful Blue-eyed Romeo has a rare true blue eye and one dark eye. All of the puppies in Bunny/Rory's litter are gentle, kind, sweet, easy, and just a joy to love. They have what one customer calls a "soft" personality. 
Romeo weighs 2 lb 2 1/2 oz and is estimating to be 7 lb 9 oz as an adult. We add 2 lb to that, so we think he could get to 9 lb 9 oz. That's a perfect size, not too big and not too small. He's solid and hardly. 
Romeo is priced at $1500
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Valentine is a beautiful black and white small male. He was the second smallest in the litter but has picked it up and now weighs 1 lb and 9 oz and is estimating to be 5 lb and 9 oz. as an adult. We add 2 lb for good measure which would make it 7 lb and 9 oz.  He has that same "soft" personality as all his litter mates.
He is priced at $1500
SOLD To Mary
Pickup __________time_____

SOLD Teacup
Cupid is a small black and white male. He's adorable with that same "soft" personality. We like the white that's on his right ear. He weighs 1 lb and
 7 oz.  He's estimating to be 5 lb and 2 oz or 7 lb and 2 oz if you add the 2 lb. However when they are this small is usually right on their estimate. 
Priced at $1500
​SOLD to Mary V at Breeder Price $2500
Bubba is a red and white male. He would be perfect for children, he loves to play and has good energy to burn. He is the largest in his litter weighing 3 lb at 9 weeks. We expect him to be about 10 - 11 lb
He is priced at $700
SOLD to Natasha
Beautiful little Tarkio is a liver pigment chocolate male. He has a gorgeous face, big adorable eyes, short legs, short body, and a winning personality. He is breeder quality. He is small at 1 lb 12 oz and only 9 weeks of age. He is estimating to be 4 lb and 
11 oz as an adult. He's a TeaCup size. Pet priced at $1500
right side               left side
Cupcake is a beautiful tiny little black and white female. She is the greeter in the group, leading all her brothers to be social. It's an adorable procession with the tiny one in the lead. Her website name, Cupcake, fits her perfectly, she is so sweet. Everybody that see her loves her.
 She was priced at $1800
SOLD to Tammy for $1500
Lola is a liver and white, liver pigment female. She's sweet and attentive, a very easy girl. She weighs 2 lb and 7 oz at 9 weeks and tracking to be 6 lb 8 oz as an adult. She's an Imperial under 9 lb.
She is priced at $1200
Scotty is a liver pigment with many shades of brown and chocolate and white in his coat. He is a sweetie and has his little tongue out whenever we talk to him. He loves interaction with people and his tongue is one way he shows it. He weighs 1 lb and 10 oz at 9 weeks and is tracking to be a 4 lb and 5 oz adult. He is priced at $1200

It's late, I'm tired, and I still have chores to finish.
I'm just going to give you sizes and pricing. Please use the flower color to refer to these puppies. 
Pink tricolored female.
estimating to be 10-12 lb
Priced at $900
Aqua tricolored female.
estimating to be 8 - 10 lb
Priced at $1000
light blue flowers with feathers male
estimating 8 - 10 lb
priced at $700
Small blue rose male
estimating to be 8 - 10 lb
Priced at $700
Purple male
estimating 8 - 10 lb
Priced at $650
All prices are pet only prices with a neuter/spay contract. We charge more for breeding rights. 
This little TeaCup is named Tin Man because he was born the color of the tin man on the Wizard of Oz. You can easily see he has the rare dilute blue gene. He is today, 2 lb 2 oz and 16 weeks old. He is sharp as a tack, loves to learn new things, learned his name in 5 minutes and comes running to his name, lifts himself and places his paws in my hands to be picked up. He is short bodied, short legged, correct tail set, "tight nose" and contrary to some thinking, he does not have breathing problems. I believe that's an excuse to keep producing more of the shelf noses. We have several Teacups with tigher faces that this and they don't have pinched nostrils or breathing problems. Tin Man loves to cuddle and be held, gives kissed and is absolutely adorable. I don't think I can sell him so I'll just show him off.  He's a Cadbury/Blueberry male. Cadbury throws one or two TeaCups in about every litter because he comes from tiny himself.