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 My husband, Mic, was taken to the hospital on July 20th after a long struggle with what he thought was asthma. He had a biphacicular block in his heart, lungs full of fluid, HBP and HBS, kidney function low, heart slightly enlarged. It took 5 days to remove 28 lb of fluid. The heart cath showed 90% blockage in one artery and multiply blockages in the other two. The very next day he underwent a quadruple bypass. He has to wear a LifeVest for 3 to 4 months or until his heart and lungs are stronger. I have to be within hearing range of him in case he has a cardiac event. He has been, and is, my first priority right now and what I think I will do, I don't always get done, when I need to do it. But I'm thankful it's that way because it means Mic is here.  I thank God and all his prayer warriors Mic is alive and his rehabilitation is coming along well. We have some amazing testimonies of answered prayers. Many of you have added him to your prayers -- Thank you, we really appreciate your support. 

Available Teacup
Lily is a Teacup of 6 months of age. She weighs 3 lb and 6 oz. She is estimating to be an adult of 4 lb 4 oz. 
She is too small for me to use as a breeder so she's is for sale now. She's a beautiful cream with dark points. High nose and tight face just like we want for a breeder. She is adorable, beautiful, sweet, fun, and very lovable.
 Lily is priced at $2,800.
Avala/KaChing male DOB 6/17/17
Ready to place on 8/12/17
Skippy is a dark brindle like his father Ka Ching. He is quiet, cuddly, quietly playful, and he is a mamma’s boy. When he wags his tail it looks like a flagging light because the tip of his tail is white, we call it his tail light. He has short legs and body. At 7 weeks his weight is 2.8 with adult weight estimating to be 8 - 9 lb. 
 He is priced at $800
The next four puppies are Perseus/KaChing puppies.  There were only 4 males born in this litter, no females. DOB 6/21/17 Ready 8/16/17

 This is Jupiter, a brown and white male. The pigment below his nose is slow coming in. They always come in in time. His nose was just like that but it's now come in completely. He is the most outgoing puppy in this litter. He can’t get enough of humans. He’ll be a great family puppy. At 7 weeks he weighs 3.4 We estimate him to reach about 11 - 12 lb He is priced at $700. 
This is Rodriguez, a brown and white male. He is more quietly friendly, playful and just an easy sweet boy. At 7 weeks he weighs 2.6 lb. We estimate his adult weight to be around 8 - 9 lb. He is priced at $800
This is Mars, a brown and white male.  Mars has beautiful eyes, beautiful brindling in his coat, he’s fun friendly and loves to be loved. At 7 weeks he weighs 2.7 lb We estimate his adult weight around 8 - 9 lb 
He is priced at $800
This is not the best picture of Mars. He is so playful and fun and I think he has gorgeous eyes. I thought it looked good in my camera but once I got it on the big screen on my computer - - not so good.
This is Saturn, a brown and white male. Really loves to be held and cuddled. Loves to play in a quiet and friendly way. He’d be the perfect lap puppy. At 7 weeks he weighs 9.4 lb. We estimate his adult weight around 10 -11 lb. Priced at $800
This is Shadow, a tricolored male. He is a hoot. A fun loving puppy who loves human interaction.  He’s an ornery little go-getter like his parents. A joy to be with! He's loyal if he's not too busy playing. At 7 weeks he weighs 2.6 lb adult weight estimate is 8 - 9 lb. DOB 6/17/17
 He is priced at $1000. 
The only puppy left in Ava/Mojo's litter is Shadow. DOB 6/20/17 READY 8/15/17