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It's the GO-TO page for puppy pricing, sizes for Toy, Imperial, and Tea Cups, our guarantee,
 puppy information & needs, Map, and more.

PLEASE NOTE "there is no way to guarantee your puppy's adult weight" At 
they give an estimate for adult weight. That only means that if the puppy continues to grow as he has to this point "then your puppy is tracking towards this estimated adult weight"
​Some puppies stay on track with the estimated weight and some do not.
Website updated July 21
All prices are pet only prices with a neuter/spay contract. We charge more for breeding rights. Available puppies are available until a deposit marks them SOLD
SOLD To Denne Pickup date______ Time______
Named Bailey by buyer.

Babe is stunningly beautiful! She is a red/gold and white. Beautiful eyes, short body length and legs, great coat and perfect tail set. She has a personality to match her beauty. 
She is priced at $2000
Babe was moving so the picture is blurred, but I had to share it with her color, tail set, great profile, and beautiful coat.
SOLD To Bonnie Pickup_____Time_____
Angel is a perfect name for this little darling. She is the tiniest puppy in this litter. Tracking to be only 4 pounds.  We won't be selling puppies before they are 6 weeks. I mentioned $1500 when she was too young to price and that's what I had to sell her for. She is tiny, fluffy, beautiful, cute as they come, and full of expression. 
SOLD FOR $1500
Update on the TeaCup, little Bailey, that crashed from low blood sugar from not eating enough. She's doing great! All the stress she went through caused her a coccidia problem. Coccidia is a parasite that multiplies quickly when an animal is under stress. The Albon medication is correcting the problem. She's full of energy now. She loves Gerber meat sticks and Gerber strained beef, and sweet potatoes. She is the sweetest little thing, she wags her little tail and comes to the front of the pen to be picked up. She and her sister are very happy to be together which has helped Bailey recover well. They are best friends. It's so precious. 
 The first one is a litter of one puppy out of Chessa/Smokin. Chessa is blessed to be alive, but only one puppy survived. Her name is little Rolo.
Rolo is a tricolor female. She's quite attractive with the white on her forehead going down her chin and onto her chest. She has white going up about half way on her legs. We gave Chessa one of River's puppies because Chessa is a heavy milker. We had to spay her during the C-section so this is her last litter. Rolo,  has a sweet, friendly, and easy personality. She is very sweet and cuddly. She is tracking to be 6 lb and 11 oz
She is priced at $1200

The next two puppies are out of Raven/Esposito. 
​Pictured below are Raven,the dam, and Esposito, the sire. Esposito has  finally made it over 4 pounds. He will be three 8/30/18. Raven weighs 8 lb and 8 oz
AVAILABLE   Rachel is a little black and white beauty. My pictures don't do her justice. She is always happy, sweet and friendly, and loyal. She's a little girl which really makes her cute to see running across the floor. She weighs 1lb and 11 oz and is tracking to be 
5 lb and 11 oz. or TeaCup size.
She is priced at $2000
Rebecca is a chocolate and white liver pigment female. She's well built with short legs, eyes set well apart in a wide face, a high nose, and a perfect tail set. Rebecca loves people! She wants out at the sound of a voice and is a playful and loving girl. 
She is tracking to be 7 pounds and 6 oz.
She is priced at $1500
This is not the best picture, she's moving to me pretty fast. Look at this tail set, it's perfect!
SOLD  to Julie 
pickup 1st of Aug
Ragnar is a brown male with a black mask. He is alert and quiet, yet playful. He has a beautiful wide face and wide set eyes. He is tracking to be 5.12 which is a TeaCup. 
Ragnar is priced at $1000
Ragnar and Range Rover are males out of River, the dam, and Mojo, the sire. I can't find pictures of River but she weighs 8 pounds and 8 ounces. Mojo is around 9 1/2 pounds.
SOLD to Kathy 
pickup date ________Time_______
Range Rover is a bigger boy than his brother. He is a rich dark red/black with a black mask, large wide set eyes in a nice wide face. Rover is lazy and cuddly. He's content to be held in your lap for hours. 
   Our photo shoot took place after a very long day at the vet clinic doing puppy health checks on 17 puppies, (not just our puppies) followup visit on a male, and an ultrasound on a couple of pregnant females. All the puppies were very tired and not one of them got too excited about the whole photo shoot. 
Range Rover is priced at $800
Frosty is 7 weeks old. He was born with a frosty colored coat, a white strip on his forehead, white spilling down his chin and onto his chest. He also has some black on his face. He has an outstandingly gorgeous coat. It is so dense and fluffy that it took time to get it all wet. He has a laid back and easy personality. He weighs 2 lb and 13 oz at almost 7 weeks. He's tracking to be a 9 to 10 lb adult
He is priced at $1500
SOLD To Melissa
Pickup date________ time_______
Snowman is a party colored male. He has a nice thick coat. He is quiet boy, loves people. He was chosen before he was posted to the website. Snowman weighs2 lb and 6 oz and is tracking to be a 7 to 8 lb adult. 
Priced at $1000
The two males below are out of Cherry and Rory. Cherry had four puppies.  We had so many whelping all at the same time, we didn't notice that Cherry was having a problem. Her first puppy was breech, that's common, but he was also upside-down and held up the birthing process too long. We had to have a C-section to deliver the last two. It was her first C-section in four litters. 
Prince Charming is a perfect pet, he has a gorgeous soft & thick coat, is beautifully marked, has a very pretty face with beautiful eyes, perfect nose, and mouth all set in an attractive balance. He has short legs, loving, friendly, and winning personality. Great energy and loves to play. We were going to price him high because of his quality. We discovered at his vet wellness checkup that his right testicle has not yet descended. He weighs 3 lb and 4 oz at 10 1/2 weeks and is tracking to be an 8 to 9 pound adult. 
We would price him at $1500 but we've decided on $1300 incase the testicle doesn't descend before he's neutered. We don't guarantee against undescended testicles but it will cost more to neuter him, thus the $200 reduction. 
Lottie is a tricolored female out of Peaches and Cadbury. She is my pick of the litter for the breeding since Cadbury is my male. 
Lottie is a sweet and playful girl with good energy and a loving personality. 
She will need to be picked up from Desra Coggins at time of pickup. 
She is priced at $1100.
I will be worshiping & working at our church family reunion camp this week until Saturday, July 28th. I will check text messages and emails when I can each day. Ginny will be here taking care of all the chores and all our babies and dogs. I'll update pictures when I return.